In the 20th century, David Ogilvy was dubbed the “father of advertising” by talented convey clear messages, endless passion and admirable success.

Throughout his career as an advertiser and copywriter, Ogilvy has created the marketing campaigns and typical excellence worldwide. These include campaigns to classics like “Man in the Hathaway Shirt”, plus the considerable efforts of his contributions to the advertising industry through time to work with Rolls Royce, Schwepps and Puerto Rico.

No surprise that Time magazine in 1962 was hailed him as a “genius most sought-after in the advertising industry.” He is “The famous British” only in the eyes of US marketers that time

Today, though the world has entered the digital age, we can still learn from the success of the campaign was to convince Ogilvy and impress the users.

David Ogilvy has left a lot of lessons to discuss productivity, branding, research or even the ambitious. In addition, he also quotes expensive for those who work in the marketing profession can refer to and rely on to get an insight about the advertising industry:

1. Always test, test as many effective marketing will increasingly be improved

Unlike many marketing experts that time always appreciated the creativity and imagination, Ogilvy almost only interested in research and market surveys – an indispensable step in the modern marketing.

For David Ogilvy, marketing always parallel with the specific data as the interaction with clients, in order to assess whether the strategy is effective or not. If it is not really correct to use research results more than to bring the most appropriate method for each case.

2. Do not ever create a message that you would not want your loved ones to read

Humans always want to take the best things for those of his household, so if there is anything that makes them feel uncomfortable, do not make your customers suffer that fate.

This is a warning situation for young marketers today when immersed wrote these trite advertising messages, use confusing jargon in order to impress the customers. In fact, consumers just feel this is an expression of snobbish and pretentious only.

3. Communicate with customers in their own language, which is the only way to bring you to success.

David Ogilvy was always famous for saying, “For me, there is no law at all”, he even claimed that he was not interested in any grammatical public languages and of course, customers also.

This man said that everything goes just right for new natural is the best way to promote development. With the above question, advertising geniuses in history wanted to emphasize the ability to understand the customer of all those who pursue the field of marketing.

Only if understand what the consumer wants, preferences, habits or behavior, brands can build up a picture and the most appropriate strategy. Especially in this day and age, when the customer experience a top priority, and the labels can no longer impose trend as before.

Please use the language of the customer

4. Treat customers like your kinky wife

A difficult afternoon wife, jumpy but extremely important that you never want to lose. Customers, too, they are vulnerable to fluctuating but is willing to be loyal to a brand that has always spoiled them.

It is the responsibility of those in the advertising and marketing industry, when their job is to meet the needs of consumers in the best way. Treat your customers like wife and willing to listen to what’s said or nag her.

5. What does not sell is not enough creative means

This statement is as true in all cases, any product or brand is now also needs a creative story comes, to ensure a consistent content strategy and makes the reader about hear.

If the message is not enough compelling and convincing, of course, the product will not be consumed. This depends on the ability to imagine and link content and the specific goods marketers.

6. Brand, like personality and identity of each person, will be felt in many different ways

Marketers just so brand-oriented or fit properly without thinking too imposing customer. Let consumers perceive themselves first, then receive their feedback to improve the brand in a better way.

7. Most of the ads are cluttered by the criticism that guy out. It is those who only criticize without advertising  industry can generate a kind. That the best, do not let them have the right to do so

Opinion seemed very heavy this actually represents thinking marketers do not want to be disturbed by the negative reviews. After all, the recorded response is a good thing, but do not let them too affect his work, especially the work of high creative.

Actually in marketing, the idea seemed crazy and most criticized brings success beyond imagination.