With the economy growing strong as it is today, the competitive environment become more and more intense, then the customer is one of the key factors determining the survival and growth of a business. Maintaining good relationships with existing customers and to retain loyal customers is very difficult, particular in business process, then we have to how to introduce them to trust us these new potential customers and make customers dissatisfied happened complaints are unavoidable so your task is to how to always control your attitude towards the customers comfort simultaneously handling the situation very sensitive to everything agreed so will help stabilize the situation of your business boom moves in today’s article content you share to your 6 principles “gold” so you have a solution for the right girl.

1. Create the friendliness and warmth of communication with customers

When dealing with your customers face to face or over the phone, they want to receive the reply, the reply warmly. Doing this is very practical. Yourself and your employees need to have faces and voices so friendly and cute (This sounds like quite common and easy to you, but think about this the next time factor here when you’re on the position of a customer and wonder whether they are going on with you. Then you also ask yourself whether your customers are experiencing the same things from you and the employees of the company or not).

2. Customers want to feel yourself really important

They know that your company has a lot of different customers, but they just really love it when you make them feel really important to you.

3. Customers want to be listened to what they said

If you listen to the opinions of customers, you will be a huge plus point, and customers often have the impression that those who only know the complaints resolved without really listening to what they say. You must always keep and constantly hone their listening skills. Keep eyes looking straight at the speaker and focus on what they are saying. Keep an open mind and resist the urge to make you cross words with an answer. It’s really important to show clients that you are listening closely to what they say.

4. Sometimes, the customer’s name also brings advantages for you

In communication with the customer, you take the initiative to ask the name of creating customer-friendly sense of closeness, xung personal name is one of the sweetest sound that customers want to hear from you. Be addressed by their first names in conversation with customers will show that you recognize them as a particular individual rather than general customers, thereby showing respect for your customers . However, do not use the proper names of the customers too often because it can make customers uncomfortable, use at the beginning and end of the conversation.

5. Dynamic, Flexible

Customers hate to hear the word “no” or “it can not be done”. Not always you can say “Yes” to the customer or do exactly what the customer wants, however, will be very important when you showed the dynamism and flexibility as possible. Talk to your customers about what you can do – not what you can not do.

6.Dich recover well

This is very important for your customers, so that your customers know you really compact reputable or not by words only when problems or damage arising, customers want to quickly get you help to solve their problems. Customers do not want to hear the apology, the words must be interrogated about who is responsible, why the failure happened, they just wanted to fix it quickly.

In general, understand the psychological problems customers enjoy only the customers just want to feel everything goes smoothly. After dealing with you or with an employee in your company, customers want to feel something better than what they had before. If you are considering can create that feeling, you’re well on the way to giving customers what they really want.